The Childrens Center

Our ELI tour included visiting the Children’s Center. There are four families at the center. Each family has three buildings, one for parents and biological children, one for adopted girls and the other for the adopted boys.

Here is the inside of one of the children's rooms. It has 12 beds and one large table with benches in the middle of the room.

There are two common buildings shared by two families each where devotions are held and meals are served.

We had the opportunity to join the children for devotions and dinner. The bright eyed little girl in the foreground looking at the camera is Vitaline. She is one of my favorites from the center. She is a leader at heart.

Here you see team members amusing the children with songs during devotions. I found learning the hippopotamus song to be amusing too.

For dinner, the children generally eat ugali and some green stuff that looks like a cross between spinach and kale. Sometimes it has a little meat in it.

The directors, Angelina and Leban, also have a home.

There is a common kitchen...

...and an area where clothes are washed. There is hired help to assist with cooking and washing. The hired hands are paid with sponsored funds.

The children help out a lot by doing chores. Here they are cleaning the mud off of their shoes.

They even tend to the section of the garden that is allotted to their family. The garden provides a major portion of the food served to the children.

The cornfield you see in the background is not on the center's property. The neighbor's crop delineates the edge of the children's playground.

Children at play

Hopefully, there will be a building built for books, art supplies and indoor activities so that these types of supplies can be shared by all four families.


Another on of my favorite kids was Edison. He has a great smile and a sweet demeanor.

Behind this group of children are the rabbit hutches that Bruce and Dan built. The rabbits will be pets, food and will provide excellent fertilizer for the family's gardens.




Getting to know the children in the Center was a wonderful experience.

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