Calvary Church

We attended Pastor Oliver's Sunday service. His church may seem humble by our standards, but God knows the hearts of men and this church is a healthy vine. The people who attend this church are not financially well off and though they contribute support, the church is in need of basics, like paint for the wooden benches inside.

Pastor Oliver is trying to acquire the property where the church is built. There are a few buildings on the property that are used for a school and some neighbors bring their livestock here to graze.

After service, we greeted the attendees and met some of the folks that we had visited earlier in the week when we did our home visits.

Not a great shot but you can see Salina Tanui (mama Gloria), Pastor Oliver's wife with their baby Gloria. Also in the shot is Amy and Joshua.

It was a beautiful day for the 20 minute walk to the church and after service we walked to friends of the Tanui's to have lunch.

This was one of the few days that it did not rain and the air was warm and breezy.

Our team walked along one of the paved roads.

We passed this humble church in Ilulla along our way.

Here are some of the short people who ran up to shake our hands. So many happy faces.


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