Team Kenya - The Journey

After our 17 hour trek across the globe, our jet-lagged team enjoyed the Flora Hostel in Nairobi. Run by nuns, this oasis provided showers and lunch before continuing on to Eldoret. It was Sunday and the chapel you see in the background was resounding with worship son. As soon as one service ended, another began. We took showers and naps while listening to the praise. Then we had lunch and headed out to the airport for one more flight.

Our flight to Eldoret was wonderful. The plane was small and the best part is the flight was short.


The clouds were thick and we flew above them. Occasionally there would be a clearing that gave us a window to the farmland below.

August is rainy season and it rained most afternoons in Ilula. ELI friends picked us up from the airport in four-wheel drive vehicles.

Never-the-less, two of the three vehicles got stuck in the mud.

Team members and people who were passing by all pitched in to help us get our vehicles back on track. Now, instead of saying we finally had our feet on African soil, we could say we had our feet IN African soil.

When we arrived at our destination, we were welcomed by 90 children of the Children’s Center who sung their greetings.

The sun was setting as we arrived and some of the children’s hands felt cold. I wondered how long they had waited for us to arrive. I was glad it was getting dark because I cried. I knew someday I would be in Africa, but I never expected such a welcome.


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