The Mathele Vari Slum


You met Josephat, my driver in Nairobi. While I visited a clinic in the Mathele Vari slum, he sat patiently outside and spoke to a young man who had been sniffing glue. He bought him lunch and counseled him about his addiction while I met patients and observed the treatments of about 12 of them.

Josephat drove me to the Mathele Vari slum. I thought we were there when I took this picture. Josephat told me, no, this is not the slum. Many of the units in the high rise complexes that resemble projects had no doors or windows.

The kiosks along the road are vendors... but often there is no apparent items available to sell.

Behind the vendors are alleyways filled with homes and piles of garbage. The homes are built of scrap.

Occasionally the road was higher than the terrain and you could see that the destitution went on for miles.

Josephat and I drove on in silence as we looked at the poor folks who live here everyday. I saw a young boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old walking... staggering down the street holding a bag up to his nose and sniffing glue.

Can you imagine one of these houses being your home?

Can you imagine raising children here?

Prayers for his people.


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