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This is the first newsletter for the Harvest Grove Project. Many of you are aware of the project that I am working on in Africa with David Kipkorir. I met David on a short-term mission to Kenya last year, sponsored by Cornerstone Church. David and I are building a community center in the Uasin Gishu District and our goal is to plant fruit trees on the property. We are excited as God's hand has been evident in helping us thus far.

We have found two acres and have raised funds to purchase half of the property. The land has been cleared and prepared for planting. On Saturday, May 13th, a community garden committee was formed and The Harvest Grove Self-Help Project board promoted the project to the community at the local church service and through word of mouth. The following Friday, interested community members came and learned about our plans to allow them to farm small plots on the land until we have fruit trees to plant. The turn out was great as 29 families attended. There are now 35 families planning on maintaining farm plots.

We planned to provide a garden area just for the children in the community. The children can grow whatever they choose and can do what they want with the produce they grow. David has informed me that there are approximately 200 children in the community and so they have decided to limit the children's garden to one child per family.  

I ordered seeds from ECHO (http://www.echonet.org/about_echo.htm) and they are being sent to Eldoret. The community is waiting for my seeds to arrive before they plant their gardens. I sent a few fruit trees seeds for the community center and some vegetables seeds and sunflower seeds for the children's garden. I only sent 20 packets of seeds. This was before I found out about the great response from the community. A friend commented, "Oh ye of little faith!"  

I am certain that seeds will be provided. I am giving you a chance to be part of this scheme. If you would like to pledge funds for seeds and garden materials to the Harvest Grove Community Center, please contact me at: jayneGAV@gmail.com or call at 626-643-0331.

If you do not feel moved to donate at this time, that is fine. We also can use your encouragement, and your prayers. Thank you!  

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Munguakubariki (May God bless you in Kiswahili) Jayne Hayes

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